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Other churchs and chapels


A medieval construction, the chapel of Santa Barbara was one of the three Greek parishes in the country. The interior is adorned with sixteenth-century frescoes by Giovanni Todisco d’Abriola and his students. From the historic center, along Via Vigliarola, you will reach the church of Santa Maria del Popolo, a small rural area with an eighteenth-century wooden ceiling. Contains murals with a strange iconography. The church of Purgatory (XVIII century), the church of the Madonna del Popolo (XVIII century), the chapel of Sant’Anna (XVIII century), the chapel of the Pietà (XVII century) and the chapel of the Trinity are also valuable. (XVIII century), the chapel of Santa Lucia (XVIII century), the chapel of San Rocco (XIX century). In the San Costantino district of the Municipality of Rivello, the church dedicated to Saint Joseph is worth mentioning. Built in the late eighteenth century, it was restored after the seismic events of the 1980s and 1990s