Il muro della speranza a Rivello (PZ) |
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panoramica di Rivello


A village


Rivello, ricco di storia




As part of “BASILICATA FOR HOPE” program, the project “The hope wall” represents the whole Rivello’s  community contribution to a visionary Europe, able to respond to the challenges of globalization, thanks to the leading role played by young generations. The hope wall in Rivello stands for the protagonism of the new young lucanians generations


1. Competition in schools (the pilot project – school year 2017-2018)

27 municipalities in the south-western area of ​​Basilicata; 10 ‘Istituti Comprensivi’: over 2500 participating students; “Reception and Integration” as topic themes; three competition sections: poetry, narrative, drawing; the winning opera of the competition is the poem The road of our heart, written by Sofia D’Ambrosio (Istituto Comprensivo of Lagonegro)

2. The wall

The wall structure stands in the front area of the sixteenth-century Monastery of Sant’Antonio in Rivello: It’s a removable iron structure containing a core of smoothed plasterboard panels with outdoor treatment; 100 meters long, 2 meters high

3. Street Art as carrier for ideas to move

Three internationally renowned artists brought to realize the impressive work: the Argentine Milu Correch who will use the first 50 meters of wall to illustrate the history of Basilicata, from its origins up to the celebration of Matera European Capital of Culture 2019; the Italians Alice Pasquini and UNO whose performance is originally inspired by the winning poem of the competition.

4. The Hope day

The wall’s opening ceremony will coincide with a celebration day promoted by the Municipal Administration of Rivello

5. Guided tours

Thanks to a 50-seat bus free of charge service, 72 ‘Istituti Comprensivi’ of Basilicata will be able to visit Rivello’s Hope Wall and the other artistic and monumental resources.

School groups can also extend their visit until the afternoon, thanks to special food offers provided by restaurants, pizzerie and bars in the area.

6. The documentary film

“The Hope wall – from the idea to the murales” is a documentary film which retraces the project’s stages, with the help of a camera and a narrator: from the first idea, to the opening ceremony

The program

In the province of Potenza

Of early medieval foundation

479 meters above sea level

Approximately 2,700 inhabitants

Food and accomodation in Rivello



Ristorante Pizzeria “La Dolce Vita”

Via Monastero, 18

Tel. + 39 0973 40620

Closed on Mondays (exceptionally open on reservation)

“Trattoria del Pellegrino”

Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 2

Tel. + 39 0973 46617

Closed on Thursdays

Ristorante Pizzeria “Nocera”

Contrada Vignale, 22

Tel. + 39 0973 46148

Ristorante “Il Rifugio del Cavaliere”

Contrada Molingiuolo, 107

Tel. +39 335 816 2818; +39 339 730 6154; UK +39 348 549 4574

Open every day on reservation


Pizzeria “Da Massimo”

Contrada Sorba (Ss 585 km 21)

Tel.  +39 328 064 3322

Aperto dalle 19.00 alle 24.00 – Closed on Tuesdays


Agriturismo “Coccovello”

Contrada Carposcino, 2

Tel. +39 0973 428025; +39 329 223 9318

Bar Ristorante “Gagliardi”

Contrada Molingiuolo (Ss 585 km 24)

Tel. + 39 0973 46094


Ristorante Pizzeria “Drive Food”

Contrada Molingiuolo

(Ss 585 km 25 dietro distributore Eni)

Tel. +39 347 872 1127

Closed on Mondays





B&b “Villa Alemi”

Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 70

Tel. +39 348 338 7663; +39 392 119 1475


B&B “Lo Straniero”

Via Pace, 67

Tel. 0973-428076; +39 333 440 4769


“Rifugio del Cavaliere”

Camere e Area Camping

Contrada Molingiuolo, 107

Tel. +39 335 816 2818; +39 339 730 6154;

UK +39 348 549 4574


B&b “Villa Priante”

Via Pietà Rione Medichetta, 5

Tel. + 39 334 140 2902